Reading Club III - Tragedy by the Sea
Reading Club III - Tragedy by the Sea
Reading Club III - Tragedy by the Sea
Grade 7-8 NEW

Reading Club III - Tragedy by the Sea

16 weeks (Aug 28, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023)
$700 USD

Reading and writing skills are directly related to the performance of learning; reading and writing skills are also the keys to the building blocks for further education. We cultivate our writing ability from reading, so we want to help your student enjoy reading as a pleasant experience. Developing good reading habits are the building blocks to assist your student in furthering their education. We select only the world's best books to train your children in reading and thinking skills because it is important to develop inquisitive and inductive writing skills from an early age.

Reading Club takes students to read two classic novels from the world. All students need to purchase books in order to take courses. We don't provide the books.

Book name:

    • Pearl: Off the coast of La Paz, Mexico, in the crystal waters of the Gulf of California lies the most extraordinary pearl in the whole world. Its discovery by Kino, a native fisherman who lives a simple life on the beach with his family changed the fate of many people and revealed the true color of them.

    • Lord of the Flies: A group of British school boys find themselves stranded on a deserted island. It’s a wonderful island, offering everything they need to survive. Under the leadership of one of them, Ralph, the boys are inspired by the hope of being rescued, and set up a smoke signal.
    • This course includes a carefully pre-recorded 8-week in-depth reading program by our experienced teachers. Students can watch it multiple times at their convenience on our smart learning platform. Additionally, they are required to submit corresponding assignments on the platform to allow teachers to assess and understand their learning progress.
    • This course also includes 8 weeks of LIVE ZOOM classes, during which the teacher will address students' questions and provide clarification based on the assignments they have submitted. Additionally, the teacher will extract key points from the instructional videos of the week and present them in a concise manner.
    • We carefully selected classic literature, excavating children's reading potential, cultivating their English comprehension abilities and critical thinking abilities.
    • Help students establish a connection between reading and writing, enhance their literary appreciation skills, and lay a solid foundation for the honors English course in high school.
    If you have any questions about watching related courses, please feel free to contact us or call 888.831.8868.