Grade 9-11


6 weeks
$480 USD

In TransGlobal's comprehensive six-week online PSAT course, students will prepare for both the verbal and math sections of the exam and get the tools and support needed to enhance performance and build confidence for the test. Each week features interactive 1.5-hour live lessons with experienced instructors, focusing on the variety of problem types across the test sections. Personalized feedback and strategic guidance, alongside weekly full-length practice tests (about 3 hours) and homework exercises (approximately 1-2 hours per week), will refine students' skills and give them a chance to apply strategies in a test-like environment. 

  • An 6-week enrichment course in the summer is offered to make the learning more experience for comfortable for our students
  • TransGlobal Education's LMS learning platform is designed specifically for teachers, parents and students to use
  • Effectively help students to improve and strengthen their reading and writing
  • Develop reading potential and encourage creativity
  • Effectively enhance and strengthen the self-confidence of high school students
  • Inclusive teaching materials helps to boost confident learning
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