Grade 9-11


4 weeks
$260 USD

PSAT is an important indicator for the 11th grade standardized test, which tests English and mathematics respectively. Preparing for the PSAT is an excellent opportunity to improve advanced reading, writing and math skills quickly and effectively while building students' confidence for the exam. Preparing for the PSAT is also excell way to prevent the loss of key skills over the summer break. Performing well on the exam gives students the opportunity to win merit scholarships for college. Our goal is to instill the most important reading, writing, and math strategies that will help students do well on the test and thrive in their classes when school recommences.

  • An 4-week enrichment course in the summer is offered to make the learning more experience for comfortable for our students
  • TransGlobal Education's LMS learning platform is designed specifically for teachers, parents and students to use
  • Effectively help students to improve and strengthen their reading and writing
  • Develop reading potential and encourage creativity
  • Effectively enhance and strengthen the self-confidence of high school students
  • Inclusive teaching materials helps to boost confident learning
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