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The rise of cloud education

TransGlobal Education was launched to meet the unprecedented need for accessible digital content

Forging a new path

The new normal

In 2020, the U.S. and public schools across the nation were closed for nearly a year when the pandemic first hit, many parents and students experienced homeschooling and remote learning together for the first time. Cloud education quickly became the new normal.

Cloud education

In the post-pandemic world, combining digital tools with seasoned teachers will be key to unlocking sucess for future students.

Our advantage

  • All course are created by famous teachers.
  • Unlike the real-time classroom in schools, students can choose to study the courses according to their own schedule
  • Our learning platform can save learning records, homework and learning progress. Parents can log in to view at any time.
  • All courses include Live Zoom schedule, that provide teachers and students to have directly interaction.
  • Our courses has great price with high quality. It save parents and student commute time. 
Educare University

Helping your student get ahead

Our elite team of teachers will empower students’ confidence and unlock their true potential

Educare University

TransGlobal education
understands parents' vision

The most crucial support

Many U.S. immigrants bring with them dreams of success for their childrens’ futures. We understand those hopes and want to help parents by providing the essential support their children need.

Teachers who know best

Our highly experienced teachers are committed to enhancing critical knowledge, building advanced skills, and empowering students to excel on their exams–and beyond.

Standing on the shoulders of financial giants in viewing education

Redefining all-in-one

We began as Transpacific Financial, a wholesale life insurance agency founded by Philip Hu to sell the best products in the industry to Chinese communities in the U.S. After establishing the largest Asian general agency in the nation, Philip Hu expanded his vision, implementing truly holistic support for his clients and TransGlobal Holding Company was born.

Redefining all-in-one

Over the last 30 years, TransGlobal Holding Company's mission has been to create an all-in-one platform specializing in five main sectors of finance: insurance, investment, lending, real estate, and taxes. 

 Now, in line with TransGlobal’s objective–to make cutting-edge expertise available to all–Philip has forged a new initiative: Educational programs to help Chinese immigrant communities in the United States realize their dreams for their children.

Educare University

About TransGlobal Holding Company

TransGlobal Holding Company has over 30 years of experience in financial planning and management services in the Asian communities in the U.S. TransGlobal Holding Company specializes in five main sectors of finance: insurance, investment, lending, real estate, and tax.

Over the last 3 decades, TransGlobal has expanded beyond California to the East Coast, establishing branches in 25 major cities in 10 states. At the forefront of our vigorous growth are our financial planning professionals, who are poised to provide you with expert, first-class service.

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