Intro to AP - Literature & Composition
Intro to AP - Literature & Composition
Grade 9-12

Intro to AP - Literature & Composition

4 weeks
$260 USD

As AP courses become more and more important, many high school students often do not know how to prepare for AP courses. The difficulty of AP courses cause many high school students to withdraw from the class because they lack the time and the proper tools to prepare for the AP courses after the school year commences. TransGlobal Education's AP Preview Course has an excellent team of teachers and is designed to help students effectively prepare AP subjects in advance, so that students can effectively understand the progress of AP courses after the start of school. In just four weeks time, the AP course can effectively improve students' self-confidence in learning and tackle the academic challenges after the start of the school year!

AP Lit- During this introduction to AP English Literature and Composition, students will be reading a section from Leo Tolstoy's 1878 novel Anna Karenina, which is widely regarded one of the world's greatest works of literature. Focusing on the skills recommended by the College Board, students will probe deeply into the text, analyzing character, setting, structure, imagery, and symbolism. Additionally, each class will feature a review of literary elements, poetic terminology, and other information needed for success in AP Literature. Weekly practice tests on analysis of poetry will further help students sharpen their abilities, with the final week devoted to development and composition of the types of literary argument essays required for the AP Lit Exam.

  • A 4-week AP Preview Enrichment Course in the summer is offered to make the learning more experience for comfortable for our students
  • TransGlobal Education developed and designed a customized smart and intelligent learning platform
  • Effectively help students improve and strengthen their AP preparation
  • Carefully planned exclusive AP teaching materials helps to boost students' confidence in learning
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