Honors English
Honors English
Grade 9-11 NEW

Honors English

$490 USD
This college-preparatory course explores recurring patterns and themes in literature and the insights and reading techniques of various schools of literary criticism. As they engage in close reading of and consider the structures and motifs in celebrated works of short fiction, poetry, a novel, and a play, students will be challenged to advance their analytical writing skills and develop college-level sophistication in their compositions. In-depth lessons in literature and writing, rich class discussions, systematic demonstrations and assignments, and extensive constructive feedback will help engaged students forge the skills they need for AP English and beyond.
  • An 8-week enrichment course will help you qualified for Honor English at school.
  • Leading by renowned teachers, cultivating the ability to appreciate literature and analyze writing.
  • The course was design for 9-11th graders.
  • Effectively help students better-prepared for AP English courses.
  • Live Zoom sessions will also be arranged concurrently to allow teacher-student interaction.
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