Grade 9-11 NEW


$690 USD
Pre-Calculus is an important course that has an impact on a student's academic career in high school and college mathematics and science. It lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and is crucial for fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Our Pre-Calculus course covers a wide range of topics from a standard Pre-Calculus curriculum, including: functions, domain and range, function operations, average rate of change, function inverses, piecewise functions, graphs of functions, transformations of functions, linear and quadratic functions, angles, right angle trigonometry, unit circle trigonometry, sine and cosine functions, trigonometric identities.
  • This course includes a carefully pre-recorded 8-week program by our experienced teachers. Students can watch it multiple times at their convenience on our smart learning platform. Additionally, they are required to submit corresponding assignments on the platform to allow teachers to assess and understand their learning progress.
  • This course also includes 8 weeks of LIVE ZOOM classes, during which the teacher will address students' questions and provide clarification based on the assignments they have submitted. Additionally, the teacher will extract key points from the instructional videos of the week and present them in a concise manner.
  • TransGlobal Education's convenient LMS learning platform is designed for teachers, parents, and students to use.
  • We assign practices and assignments on a weekly basis.
  • We provide online tutoring (schedule reserve required)
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