Writer's Workshop I
Writer's Workshop I
Writer's Workshop I
Grade 3-4 NEW HOT

Writer's Workshop I

$439 USD
Writer’s Workshop I will help younger elementary school students build confidence and competence in the core skills of academic and creative writing. Using the writing process, students will create compositions in a variety of genres, such as friendly letters, product reviews, poetry, fairy tales, and book reports. A grammar component gently introduces students to the technical features of English. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging while taking students step-by-step through each project and exercise. 
  • This course includes an 8-week series of video lessons presented by an experienced teacher. Students can watch video lessons multiple times at their convenience on our online Learning Management System (LMS).
  • As students write and submit assignments through the LMS, teachers will assess and guide their progress.
  • This course also includes live Zoom classes, during which the teacher will answer students' questions, clarify assignments, extract key points from the weekly lesson, and provide further opportunities for students to practice and get feedback.
  • Every week, the teacher provides detailed feedback and revision suggestions for each writing exercise. This is an invaluable opportunity for children to receive writing guidance that is often hard to come by in school.
  • Students will learn about and practice more than five different types and styles of writing, developing their writer’s repertoire and preparing them for school writing assignments.
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