Writer's Workshop I
Writer's Workshop I
Writer's Workshop I
Grade 3-4 NEW HOT

Writer's Workshop I

16 weeks (Aug 28, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023)
$600 USD
In these intensive writing courses targeted to meet the needs of students from grades 3 to 4, participants will gain competence in the core skills of academic writing, learning how to use the writing process to develop effective compositions in a variety of modes while increasing acumen in Standard Written English grammar and discovering eloquence through the study and use of academic vocabulary. The students will gain the skills how to write a review as a customer, how to write a letter to Santa, how to write a book report and how to write short poetry. If students make good use of the carefully designed teaching materials on our learning platform and listen attentively to the content taught by teachers in class, their writing skills will definitely improve greatly.
  • This course includes a carefully pre-recorded 8-week writing enrichment program by our experienced teachers. Students can watch it multiple times at their convenience on our smart learning platform. Additionally, they are required to submit corresponding assignments on the platform to allow teachers to assess and understand their learning progress.
  • This course also includes 8 weeks of LIVE ZOOM classes, during which the teacher will address students' questions and provide clarification based on the assignments they have submitted. Additionally, the teacher will extract key points from the instructional videos of the week and present them in a concise manner.
  • Every week, the teacher provides detailed feedback and revision suggestions for each writing exercise of the students. This is a valuable opportunity for children to receive writing guidance that is often hard to come by in school.
  • We will practice and learn more than five different types and styles of writing skills.
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