Writer's Workshop IV
Writer's Workshop IV
Grade 9-10 NEW HOT

Writer's Workshop IV

$700 USD
Imagine having the chance to explore, practice and perfect your writing in a variety of genres—from personal essays to reviews, from editorials to poetry—and then having the chance to work with two experienced writing instructors who are also creative writers (and contest winners) to get help preparing your work for prestigious and exciting writing competitions from a variety of organizations across the country. If this sounds like the creative challenge you’ve been waiting for, then look no further. In our Writing 4 class, we invite students from 9th-10th grade or younger talented students to spend the next two semesters with us, writing, workshopping, and revising several different pieces of creative, informational, and persuasive writing, all with the goal of entering (and possibly winning) contests presented by organizations such as The New York Times, the Rattle Young Poets Anthology, Princeton University, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. This two-semester course is designed for proficient writers who enjoy writing and the thrill of competition.
  • This course consists of 15 weeks of LIVE ZOOM classes, with each class lasting one hour. In case you miss a ZOOM session, you can watch the replay on the learning platform.
  • Writing Level 4 is a 15-week LIVE ZOOM course taught by two experienced instructors with diverse teaching styles and rich writing expertise.
  • The teacher will instruct and guide students to participate in writing competitions of various genres, including micro-fiction, essays, and news commentary.
  • Writing Level 4 will involve intensive writing exercises and training in writing revisions, demanding students to continuously practice and put pen to paper without slackening.
  • We encourage students to participate in writing competitions, but on a voluntary basis. Students are personally responsible for covering the registration fees for the competitions.
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