SAT Prep
SAT Prep
SAT Prep

SAT Prep

Grade 9-12 / 8 Weeks

TransGlobal Education’s SAT team combines decades of teaching experience with proven curriculum designed to help students overcome challenges and build confidence for the day of the test. Together, we have helped thousands of students attain top scores on the SAT, and over 90% of students who have taken our SAT course have realized significant gains in their score while boosting their college-readiness to new levels.

  • An 8-week enrichment course in the summer is offered to make the learning more experience for comfortable for our students
  • TransGlobal Education's LMS learning platform is designed specifically for teachers, parents and students to use
  • Effectively help students to improve and strengthen their reading and writing
  • Develop reading potential and encourage creativity
  • Effectively enhance and strengthen the self-confidence of high school students
  • Inclusive teaching materials helps to boost confident learning