SAT Prep
SAT Prep
SAT Prep
Grade 9-12

SAT Prep

6 weeks
$800 USD

The SAT course consists of six weeks in total. The course is available year-round. In the English section, there are two hours of live English classes every week. Teachers will lead students in discussing simulated test questions, practicing solution analysis, honing time management skills, expanding vocabulary, and strengthening grammar depth. In the SAT math section, there is one hour of live teaching every other week, during which teachers guide students in analyzing simulated test questions. (The live course totals 12 hours of English classes and 3 hours of math classes). In addition, Pan-Universe Online Education offers exquisite online prerecorded courses for the SAT, totaling 50 hours of prerecorded English courses and 16 hours of prerecorded math courses. Students can learn flexibly and review the content repeatedly.

  • The course includes a carefully pre-recorded 8-week enhancement program overing reading, writing, and mathematics, led by distinguished educators. Students can watch these sessions multiple times at their convenience on our learning platform. Additionally, they are required to submit corresponding exercises on the platform for teachers to review and assess their learning progress.
  • TransGlobal Education's LMS learning platform is designed specifically for teachers, parents and students to use
  • Effectively help students to improve and strengthen their reading and writing
  • Develop reading potential and encourage creativity
  • Effectively enhance and strengthen the self-confidence of high school students
  • Inclusive teaching materials helps to boost confident learning
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