Bootcamp Reading I
Bootcamp Reading I
Grade 3-4 NEW

Bootcamp Reading I

$200 USD
Join us over the Christmas break for a fun and relaxed guided reading of Dan Gutman's "thought-provoking and hilarious" novel, The Christmas Genie. Imagine a magical genie lands in a classroom and grants just one wish for the whole class to share. How in the world will the children decide what to wish for? Students in Reading Club 1 will find out, sharing this special Christmas reading experience under the guidance of an experienced teacher, all while learning key vocabulary and getting a chance to express their opinions and observations about the story. It's the perfect way for your children to keep their minds engaged and celebrate the season.
  • We carefully selected classic literature to ignite students' interest in reading and unleash the potential of children's reading abilities.
  • The course includes four LIVE ZOOM classes, and students can do some preliminary reading before the classes for better results.The teacher will break down the story's background, cultural knowledge, and key vocabulary during the classes.
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