Grade 5-6 NEW


$439 USD
The academic performance in Pre-algebra determines students' progress in middle school mathematics and even high school mathematics. It lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and is crucial for fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. The 8-week Pre-algebra course mainly covers arithmetic operations, equations and inequalities, factors and multiples, fractions and decimals, exponents, and roots, among other topics.
  • This course combines the LMS learning platform and Zoom classes seamlessly, achieving an effective teaching effect of precise explanation and ample practice.
  • Students will have their own independent LMS platform learning accounts, allowing them to log in at any time to preview or review the key points of the teacher's lecture notes, and to complete exercises or simulated test questions on the learning topics during their free time.
  • Teachers will grade the assignments submitted by students on the learning platform outside of class.
  • There will be two Zoom classes per week, each lasting one hour, during which teachers will interact with students and explain various mathematical topics.
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