Bootcamp Writing IV
Bootcamp Writing IV
Grade 9-11 NEW

Bootcamp Writing IV

$350 USD
As more and more students apply to college, the importance of standing out as an individual only grows. In our Writer's Bootcamp Level 4 course, students will use the proven methods of the writing process to guide them as they find their story and compose a memorable personal statement that expresses their uniqueness.
Presented by a coach with extensive experience in writing successful personal statements, Writer's Bootcamp, Level 4, promises to help your child bring out their very best in one of the most important essays they will ever write.
  • The course includes four sessions of LIVE ZOOM small-group classroom teaching, and there will be corresponding writing exercises after the classes.
  • Our teacher provides detailed feedback and revision suggestions for each writing exercise of the students. This is a valuable opportunity for children to receive writing guidance that is often hard to come by in school.
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