Irene Xu

Irene Xu

Transglobal Education Manager

  • M.A Second Language Acquisition Beijing Language and Culture University

  • B.A English Literature and Culture Central South University

Irene is a teacher who is extremely passionate about education and children. She is one of the outstanding graduates among all 985 university graduates in Hunan Province. With 13 years of university teaching experience in Beijing and she has won awards in the Outstanding Young Teacher Teaching Competition. She also has 3 years of experience teaching elementary school students in the United States. Irene is highly experienced in curriculum development, assignment planning, classroom management, and instructional activity design. Irene is enthusiastic and has her own insight about nurturing children's English reading and writing skills. She understands the American education system well and is skilled in communicating with students. To help children excel academically and thrive in spirit is her career pursuit.