Grade 5-6 NEW


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The academic performance in Pre-algebra determines students' progress in middle school mathematics and even high school mathematics. It lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and is crucial for fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. The 8-week Pre-algebra course mainly covers arithmetic operations, equations and inequalities, factors and multiples, fractions and decimals, exponents, and roots, among other topics.
  • 該課程結合LMS學習平台和ZOOM上課完美配合,達到精講多練的教學效果。
  • 學生會有自己獨立的LMS平台學習帳號,可以隨時登錄預習或者複習老師的講義要點,課外時間完成學習主題的練習或者模擬試題。
  • 老師會在課外評改學生提交到學習平台的作業。
  • 每周會有兩次,每次一小時的ZOOM課堂,老師會和學生互動,講解不同數學主題知識點。
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