AP Statistics
AP Statistics

AP Statistics

Grade 9-12 / 8 Weeks
AP Statistics is an introductory college-level statistics course, so students that do well on the exam will be well-prepared for college/university, especially students majoring in STEM. In this class, students will learn concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. They will also cultivate their understanding of statistics using technology, investigations, problem solving, and writing. Topics include: variation and distribution; patterns and uncertainty; and data-based predictions, decisions, and conclusions.
  • 八周内有效帮助学生完成 AP 考前总复习考出5分好成绩
  • 超过 90% 的学生成绩显著提高
  • 指导超过上千名学生取得非凡的 AP 成绩
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