Public Speaking Level 1
Public Speaking Level 1

Public Speaking Level 1

Grade 3-5 / 8 Weeks
Through a variety of fun, engaging activities and assignments, students in grades 3-5 will build their public speaking and presentation skills. In the safe space of online class, students will get plenty of practice, the most important factor in building strong public speaking abilities. Warm-up exercises will improve elocution and voice control, while memory and impromptu-speaking exercises will heighten confidence. Activities to help with message development and persuasion will allow students to find their own unique ideas and speaking styles. Collaboration will foster socialization and increase student’s fun. Students will be encouraged to approach assignments  creatively, helping to strengthen their resourcefulness--and ensuring their enjoyment of public speaking.
  • This is a 8-week live course; it is suitable for students in grades 3-5
  • This course effectively helps students build their confidence in public speaking
  • TransGlobal Education developed a customized LMS smart learning platform exclusively for our students
  • We assign speaking practices or homework on a weekly basis to make the speaking class more efficient and effective.