College Essay Class B
College Essay Class B

College Essay Class B

Grade 10-12 / 10 Weeks
Why are college essays important when applying to Universities in the U.S.? Numbers and grades on transcripts on the students' the application documents all seem repetitive and indistinguishable between your students and other applicants. For these reasons, the college essay can better reflect many aspects of your student's personal character. It takes immense time and effort to write a fascinating college essay. It is also necessary to customize each personal essay for different forms of subject matter when applying to different universities. When faced with a variety of topics, what do you write? Writing a college essay is actually a series of explorations of self, values, future dreams, etc., so that the admissions committee members who have never known each other can get to know your student through their words. Many high school students who know how to plan and prepare their college essays as early as the ninth grade, can attest to accumulating their experiences and topics early in order to have real and tangible material which stands out in order to narrate a good story and write an even better college essay.
  • A 10-week course offering high school students (grades 10-12) the opportunity to learn about themselves and write essays for the UC, Common Application, and individual school prompts
  • Offers lots of eye-opening tips and effective strategies for understanding the topics and themes and writing authentic, stand-out responses that will capture the attention of college admissions boards
  • Weekly class discussions, example essays, and writing assignments provide students with tons of guidance, ideas, resources, support, and material for their college application essays
  • Small class size, maximum 8 students per class, means plenty of individual attention
  • Friendly, expert instructors give lots of helpful feedback on students’ writing
  • An enlightening journey of self-discovery–perfect for summer–and excellent preparation for the challenge of writing the college application essays
  • Each weekly class includes a one-hour pre-recorded session as well as a one-hour live Zoom session with instructors and classmates