AMC 10
AMC 10

AMC 10

Grade 9-10 / 8 Weeks
Our 8-week AMC 10 study program will comprehensively teach 26 mathematical learning topics of AMC10, covering basic concepts such as logic reasoning, radios and proportions, word problems-distance and speed, geometry-similar triangles, Circle-radius, circumference and areas, Mean, median Mode and range, Factors and divisors, Equations solving skills, sum and products of roots, etc. It helps students master mathematical knowledge and ideas, improve their reading comprehension and logical thinking abilities, and cultivate the ability to analyze and solve practical problems using mathematical methods. It can not only improve school math performance but also lay a foundation for the higher level AMC 12.

  • Suitable for students in grades 8-10, taught in small classes.
  • 8 weeks of live lessons for explanations and Q&A. Twice a week.
  • Covers 28 topics of AMC 10 math competition.
  • Includes both simulated learning and practical exercises.